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LeLook Hairstyling

"Before 30 ... This was my limit, my goal. I wanted to go it alone and have my own space. Thus it was born LeLook.
A project gestated from a feeling of frustration, seeking respect for a profession not always sufficiently appreciated: the hairdresser. Thanks to being encouraged and supported by people who love me, and thanks to having gathered a incredible team I've been able to take this project forward.
But above all I want to say thanks to you and the thousands of people who have trusted in us and have put their image in our hands.
You are who make that LeLook continues to grow every day.
Because it does not stop here. Within a time, more and better".

Director & Owner


is Art

The Team

At LeLook, we are passionate about hairdressing. We believe it is an art where stylists create small ephemeral works on the basis of hair and personal image. That's why we fight to claim the prestige and social recognition that we think deserve our profession.
Respect and passion we feel for hairdressing are the engines that make we are always looking for continuous improvement, that push us to learn from the best professionals of hairdressing and barber.


Click on the following images to learn more about the team members. 


Salon Director

Trained in Visage and cutting geometry Pivot Point, Nadia immediately realize that, in other countries, the world of hairdressing was at another level, from a professional point of view as the social recognition.
While going to get experience in high-level salons, the goal to achieve this high degree of perfecting, along with his fighter and maverick character, were shaping the idea that finally led her to launching the LeLook project.
Currently, there are more than two and a half thousand people who have lived the LeLook experience and have put their personal image in the hands of the team created by Nadia.


Creative Hairstylist

Yin always accompanies Yang. Friends with Nadia from 3 years old complemented perfectly with her, and she is her right hand at the salon.
Lirio joined LeLook at the beginning of the project, leaving his solid career as an instructor at Llongueras academies.
With a character of intense creativity, Lirio not contents only with their excellent hairdresser works. In his spare time, she is dedicated to works of carpentry with recycled materials.



From the beautiful Transylvanian region of Cluj (Romania), Miha decided to leave his career as a food engineer to resume his childhood passion of being a professional hairdresser. At LeLook, we feel very fortunate to have someone with his capacity to learn, and their refinement and delicacy in his work. Her qualities explain that Miha have risen quickly to pre-stylist.



With more than ten years of experience in hairdressing, her work transmits freshness and joy. Put yourself in your hands and you'll be surprised!
Thanks to her nice and friendly character , as well as her loquacity, Mireia has conceded perfectly with LeLook team.

Nadia Acin
Lirio Gil Miha Coprean Mireia

Passion for

The Salon

This is the space that we put at your disposal so that the processing of your personal image obtaining extraordinary results in the hands of our stylists.
At the hall, you will find the space where you can stay up to date with the latest trends in fashion, style and hairdressing with publications that we put at your disposal. You can also enjoy the latest national and international fashion catwalks through LeLook TV Channel, all while you sip a coffee or tea comfortably.


LeLook Salon is situated in Duran i Sors Streeet, 3, in Sabadell's downtown (Barcelona). This way forms a commercial hub with abundant stores of all kinds that converge in the Rambla de Sabadell. If you come with your vehicle, find a blue area on the same street and, thanks to an agreement with Imperial Parking located at 150 m, as LeLook client you will have the first-hour free parking.

Click the following image to locate us in Google Maps.

Hairdressing Autor
in Sabadell's downtown

Our Works

A selection of works made by members of LeLook, where they participated in different events, and a selection of recent works posted on our Pinterest board.


is Art

Opening Hours

MON from 15:30 to 19:30
TUE from 10:00 to 19:30
WED from 10:00 to 19:30
THU from 10:00 to 19:30
FRI from 10:00 to 19:30
SAT from 09:00 to 14:00

A great haircut
does not occur by chance,
happens by an appointment.


At LeLook, we know the importance of your time, so we always work by appointment.
Thus avoid unnecessary delays, and you will know exactly the duration of your stay in our salon. So when you put yourself in our hands, you only need relax and enjoy your LeLook experience.
Due to the importance we give to our clients time, please let us know as early as possible of any changes you need to make your reservation.

So you can make your booking, we offer you the following telephone numbers:

A great haircut
does not occur by chance,
happens by an appointment.


The LeLook team are specialists in cutting geometry techniques, in visage analysis, and in personal image analysis. This fact enables our team to overcome the traditional hairstyling services and offer you an integral treatment of your personal image.

Cutting Structure

Hair cutting for Women and Men.
The LeLook team specializes in geometric cutting techniques such as Pivot Point and Future Foundation of Tony&Guy, in Greco-Latin style cutting techniques, in cutting male Old-School techniques, and in razor shaving.


Updo & Form.
In collaboration with our hairstylists, you will achieve the hairstyle or updo more appropriate for the occasion and get the best of your physiognomy.

Colouring & Lighting

Global Colouring, Combined Colouring,
and works of Shadow and Light.

Our team of colorists in permanent training dominates all existing coloring techniques. They will recommend you techniques that range from Baby-lights to All-Over Color, through Ombre, Balayage or Blur, according to your preferences and, last but not least, according to the features of your hair.

Treatment & Texture

Restructuring Treatments.
Our passion for innovation in our profession makes that LeLook team have the best and newest hair treatments available. Depending on the diagnosis made by our team, you can recover your damaged hair by deep moisturizing treatments, through the service Redken Chemistry, wich provide personalised proteins cocktails to your hair, or by the new restructuring treatment that eliminates frizz completely between four and six months, based of cysteine and amino acids.

Motion and Smoothing
Our team can change the condition of your hair permanently in order to give it a greater sense of movement or smoothing, by applying the techniques more respectful with hair structure.




Our philosophy is based on perform customized image treatment services, so we recommend that you make us a previous visit with no obligation on your part.
In this way, you can negotiate with one of our Hairstylists the kind of service that suits your preferences and we can present our diagnosis for your hair in particular.
Below is a list of indicative prices for some of the services we offer in LeLook. Keep in mind that prices may vary slightly due to the personalization of our services.

Click on the following image to download the price list.


Comprehensive treatment
of your personal image


The desire to achieve respect and recognition for hairdressing serves as a motor to perform a constant search for high-quality products, which are very careful with hair and scalp.
It is for this reason that Haircare and Colouring products we use are of Redken brand.

REDKEN 5th Avenue


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The world of hairdressing
and personal image
at your disposal


For us, it is very important that you recommend our work, so we were very grateful if you share our site on social networks.
We take very seriously the participation of our fans, so we perform many contests and promotions exclusive to them. For example, we deliver each year the prize "LeLook 2.0 Ambassador" where we give up to 85 € that are loaded on the client card to those followers with more participation on our social networks.

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